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700 ml, 30% alc/vol

The production of Skinos Mastiha Spirit is the outcome of a tedious and thorough work associated with nature. Traditional techniques of cultivation, harvesting and cleaning are combined with a state of the art technology.


The “Crying Tree”
Mastiha trees are only cultivated in one place in the world: the small island of Chios. Harvesting takes place only one time per year during the months of June and July. The process consists of a number of “prickings” and takes several weeks to extract Mastiha. The tree is like “crying out” the Mastiha resins that take 10 to 20 days to get solid and collected.


The Cleaning
Mastiha is carefully transferred in wooden coffins covered with boat textiles to a cool warehouse where the women of the village are picking out only the most qualitative resins and cleaning them by hand.


The Distillation
Mastiha is mixed with fine quality alcohol and is put in bronze tanks – called alembic. The mix is heated by fire. This process ends up with a delicate extract of unique aroma.


The Blending
Fine quality sugar, alcohol and mineral water are added to compliment the mixture and create a distinctive but balanced white spirit.


The Bottling
Skinos Mastiha Spirit is bottled in high quality Italian glass with cork closure in one of the most historical bottling facilities in Europe.


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Skinos Mastiha Spirit

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